Choosing the right gearbox

Choosing the right gearbox might be a daunting task as there are hundreds of models manufactured each year. However with common sense industry owners can choose the right type making the task easier. The idea of customized gearbox ensures that the exact type is made for the industry. The right type of gearbox repair and service enterprise can also be consulted to for the best outcome. Some tips in this regard are as follows:

 What is the actual requirement?

This is a first and foremost question which is to be asked. There are many factors associated with this question. Some of them are as follows:

  • Input and output requirement
  • If any specific need is to be catered by the gearbox?
  • Pre-manufactured or customized gearbox is needed?

Once the requirement is fulfilled then it is relatively easy to choose a gearbox with right specifications keeping in view the quality as well.



It is also one of the factors worth considering. Gearboxes today come with a motor which increases the efficiency of the unit. Here the industrial owners must answer the following questions:

  • What should be the overall efficiency value?
  • If the motor with gearbox fulfills the efficiency requirement?
  • If torque range is required for maximum efficiency?
  • What should be the gear size?

Gearbox is the best power transmission concept of the world and therefore heavily influenced by an efficiency factor. If this factor is what the owners know completely would lead them to the best unit.


Installation and location factors

Only purchasing the unit which matches the industrial requirement is not enough. There are several installation and location factors which are to be considered in this regard. Some factors are as follows:

  • Which facility space is dedicated for installing the unit?
  • How would the noise level be catered?
  • What should be the weight of gearbox?
  • Are the operating temperature variations huge or not?

The installation depends upon other factors which can only be judged once the installation place is visited. The above ones can be considered as most generalized questions.


Cost reduction factor

Without deciding this factor the overall process is just waste of time. It influences the purchase decision and therefore should be considered beforehand. There are 2 main types of gearboxes that are being manufactured currently. Both are explained as under:

Bronze gearboxes: These are manufactured as per needs and application requirements. The size also varies as it depends upon the industry for which it is being manufactured.

Powdered metal gearboxes: These are low-cost units which are generally not used. The main reason is that these are known for their poor performance. The reduced load handling capacity does not make it a good idea for any premises.

Plastic gears are also being manufactured but again it depends upon the need and which industry will be using the unit. The simplest tip is to always choose a credible supplier with a strong after sales service network. It will ensure that the owners never get into any issue at all.

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