Your Guide to Air Accident Compensations

Maybe you are gearing up for a holiday or preparing to attend an important conference by boarding a flight. You are convinced that you will reach safely on time and that no harm can possibly come to you. However, this is where many are wrong.

There is never a hundred percent guarantee for safety but you do have the option of applying for compensation if you do happen to sustain any injury on the airplane. You can, in fact,  claim compensation for any damages you have suffered even when you are on international flights.

When can you apply for air accident compensations?

If you’ve been seriously injured or your loved one has died in the unfortunate event of an air crash, you are entitled to get compensation. Other accidents include:

  • Injuries caused by the negligence of the air stewards like being hit by the food cart.
  • Getting injured by luggage falling from defective overhead cabins.
  • Injuries caused by rough landings.
  • Trips and falls in the airplane itself because of a slippery surface.
  • Burns caused by hot drinks.

All of this and more is covered under the Montreal Convention, which is designed to pay utmost attention to the safety of passengers and to protect their rights. As a passenger, you have the right to ask for a compensation, in the case of any physical harm that has reached you while onboard or during disembarking or embarking. The Montreal convention also covers any losses that passengers may incur due to delay in flights.

Claim limits

In the case of death or bodily injury, Article 21 of the Montreal Convention states that you can claim up to $174000 USD. If you claim for a higher amount, the airline can contest it.

In the case of delays, Article 19 of the Montreal Convention states that the passengers will be paid up to $7,221 USD.

However, you should apply for the claim within two years of the date on which the injury or loss was sustained.

The compensation claim can be made either in the country the plane was from or was flying to or even in the country where the injured passenger lives.

The Process

Often, it is easy to get compensation even though you do not have proof of who was responsible. The very fact that the accident occurred is enough to prove your claim.

However, there are some cases for which you might need professional help and it is always advisable to seek the help of an experienced solicitor. The Solicitors Guru website will provide you with details if you are looking for a solicitor from England, Wales or Scotland.

If you think that you won’t be able to afford the fees, you can always find a solicitor who offers a No Win No Fee agreement which will help you out in the rare case that you do not get compensation. In case you need more specifics, we could recommend legal advice on no win no fee matter on the special law-oriented website.

Do not hesitate to file your complaint because the airline authorities take responsibility for your safety the moment you go through the security check with your ticket!