Most popular French trade marks that the world knows

There are top businesses from France that have become global brands and have a presence in almost all the major economies in the world. The best aspect is that these French-based businesses have become so famous that they are now the names to reckon with and even have brought in the country great revenue too. The French companies have excelled in fashion, art, technology, and more, and they are only becoming more and more popular.

France has a character of its own, as it is, and the poets, painters, artists, and even the diaspora living there for ages have claimed it so for years. France has some unique charm, and this is what makes people visit the country. What are the top businesses in France that are the talk of the town? Let us check these out.

Top fashion labels from France: Paris is the fashion capital that people around the world do not deny. The seriousness with which, the Parisienne girls treat their day wear, or their hats, and even their shoes and clothing apparels, make us wonder! The top French fashion labels include Givenchy, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent, Lacoste, Nina Ricci and more. The modern-day youth around the world know their fashion labels well enough and therefore, their admiration for France is also unparalleled.

Top automobile brands from France: Peugeot and Citroen are the two big brands that would come in the minds of anyone who knows anything about exclusive quality French automobiles. The other reputed international brands of automobiles include Renault and Bugatti among them. These automobile brands are very classy and have a great reputation in the world of wheels.

Top watch brands from France: Some of the finest luxury watches from France have become famous for their class and their style quotient. These brands include Cartier and Breguet (that is France-born), and they have found a place in the hearts of those who love everything stylish.

Top retail brands: French-based retail giants like Carrefour, Auchan, Simply Market, Leroy Merlin and Monoprix are the big names to know. These retail giants come in the hypermarket format to simple cash and carry outlets and more.

Top companies from France:  Besides this fashion and automobiles, the other companies that have gained great fame and are constantly bringing the country great revenues are Capegemini, AXA, BNP Paribas, Total, Orange, and others. The company, Total, for instance, has the brand value of around 18, 514 million in US Dollars as per the stats in 2017. L’Oreal has the brand value of 12, 965 million in US Dollars and BNP Paribas has the brand value of 13, 644 million USD.

For a person visiting France or aiming to look out for investing or working in France, these brands are the best to go for. These brands have high value and goodwill in the market. These firms already have footprints in many other countries too, but classically they shall remain quintessentially French. The firms have become brands that challenge the best in the world.

Guide to structured cabling for communications

The evolution of data centers is a spectacular one. The computer rooms have transformed into interconnected resource systems used in common with people from various locations, being perfectly capable of handling business demands. As you can imagine, data centers have become one of the most important kinds of buildings. Expanding such a building is of paramount importance when it comes to providing even more flexibility. This is why data center owners hire building services. Growing a data center business starts with on-site hardware and cabling. Cabling should be at the top of the list. Why? Because it is just as important as the architecture of the data center. Let’s learn a little bit more about cabling for the data center.

Structured cabling – answer to data center requirements

It is necessary to purchase and use new equipment, thing which can lead to a lot of confusion. What engineers have to do is find a way in order to maintain wired connections. This is easier said than done. In the world of communication, cabling is increasingly important to provide functionality as well as scalability, especially when the flow of data increases. So, is there any solution to the problem? Yes, there is structured cabling. Structured cabling refers to a type of infrastructure that comprises a number of smaller elements. Not only is this system more neat and organized, but also the installation time is kept to a minimal. What it is important to remember is that structured cabling is the only system capable of supporting a large number of hardware devices.

Using a structured cabling system for communications

For the structured cabling installation to be done right, it is necessary to hire trained professionals. The good news is that there are many businesses offering data cabling services. It is the responsibility of the data cabling experts to design, supply, and install the structured system for the building. Specialists provide the best possible services because they are able to establish complex wire systems. Since it seems that electronics are not going to stop progressing, it is essential to maintain a structured system. The choice of the right networking equipment depends a lot on the technical specifications. Yet again, the data cabling experts are responsible for selecting the hardware and getting approval from local telecom authorities.

The effect that trends have on structured cabling

This might seem surprising, but the matter of the fact is that trends have a significant impact on structured cabling. To be more precise, the focus shifts from one point to the other, depending on what is fashionable. One trend worth talking about is the building of new data centers in new areas. Building a data center in a new location clearly has an effect on the choice of the cabling solution. Enhancing the network infrastructure also has an impact on structured cabling. In this particular case, the more amounts of data are necessary, the more flexible the solution needs to be. The point is that it is necessary to take into account the current trends.


Your Guide to Air Accident Compensations

Maybe you are gearing up for a holiday or preparing to attend an important conference by boarding a flight. You are convinced that you will reach safely on time and that no harm can possibly come to you. However, this is where many are wrong.

There is never a hundred percent guarantee for safety but you do have the option of applying for compensation if you do happen to sustain any injury on the airplane. You can, in fact,  claim compensation for any damages you have suffered even when you are on international flights.

When can you apply for air accident compensations?

If you’ve been seriously injured or your loved one has died in the unfortunate event of an air crash, you are entitled to get compensation. Other accidents include:

  • Injuries caused by the negligence of the air stewards like being hit by the food cart.
  • Getting injured by luggage falling from defective overhead cabins.
  • Injuries caused by rough landings.
  • Trips and falls in the airplane itself because of a slippery surface.
  • Burns caused by hot drinks.

All of this and more is covered under the Montreal Convention, which is designed to pay utmost attention to the safety of passengers and to protect their rights. As a passenger, you have the right to ask for a compensation, in the case of any physical harm that has reached you while onboard or during disembarking or embarking. The Montreal convention also covers any losses that passengers may incur due to delay in flights.

Claim limits

In the case of death or bodily injury, Article 21 of the Montreal Convention states that you can claim up to $174000 USD. If you claim for a higher amount, the airline can contest it.

In the case of delays, Article 19 of the Montreal Convention states that the passengers will be paid up to $7,221 USD.

However, you should apply for the claim within two years of the date on which the injury or loss was sustained.

The compensation claim can be made either in the country the plane was from or was flying to or even in the country where the injured passenger lives.

The Process

Often, it is easy to get compensation even though you do not have proof of who was responsible. The very fact that the accident occurred is enough to prove your claim.

However, there are some cases for which you might need professional help and it is always advisable to seek the help of an experienced solicitor. The Solicitors Guru website will provide you with details if you are looking for a solicitor from England, Wales or Scotland.

If you think that you won’t be able to afford the fees, you can always find a solicitor who offers a No Win No Fee agreement which will help you out in the rare case that you do not get compensation. In case you need more specifics, we could recommend legal advice on no win no fee matter on the special law-oriented website.

Do not hesitate to file your complaint because the airline authorities take responsibility for your safety the moment you go through the security check with your ticket!

Choosing the right gearbox

Choosing the right gearbox might be a daunting task as there are hundreds of models manufactured each year. However with common sense industry owners can choose the right type making the task easier. The idea of customized gearbox ensures that the exact type is made for the industry. The right type of gearbox repair and service enterprise can also be consulted to for the best outcome. Some tips in this regard are as follows:

 What is the actual requirement?

This is a first and foremost question which is to be asked. There are many factors associated with this question. Some of them are as follows:

  • Input and output requirement
  • If any specific need is to be catered by the gearbox?
  • Pre-manufactured or customized gearbox is needed?

Once the requirement is fulfilled then it is relatively easy to choose a gearbox with right specifications keeping in view the quality as well.



It is also one of the factors worth considering. Gearboxes today come with a motor which increases the efficiency of the unit. Here the industrial owners must answer the following questions:

  • What should be the overall efficiency value?
  • If the motor with gearbox fulfills the efficiency requirement?
  • If torque range is required for maximum efficiency?
  • What should be the gear size?

Gearbox is the best power transmission concept of the world and therefore heavily influenced by an efficiency factor. If this factor is what the owners know completely would lead them to the best unit.


Installation and location factors

Only purchasing the unit which matches the industrial requirement is not enough. There are several installation and location factors which are to be considered in this regard. Some factors are as follows:

  • Which facility space is dedicated for installing the unit?
  • How would the noise level be catered?
  • What should be the weight of gearbox?
  • Are the operating temperature variations huge or not?

The installation depends upon other factors which can only be judged once the installation place is visited. The above ones can be considered as most generalized questions.


Cost reduction factor

Without deciding this factor the overall process is just waste of time. It influences the purchase decision and therefore should be considered beforehand. There are 2 main types of gearboxes that are being manufactured currently. Both are explained as under:

Bronze gearboxes: These are manufactured as per needs and application requirements. The size also varies as it depends upon the industry for which it is being manufactured.

Powdered metal gearboxes: These are low-cost units which are generally not used. The main reason is that these are known for their poor performance. The reduced load handling capacity does not make it a good idea for any premises.

Plastic gears are also being manufactured but again it depends upon the need and which industry will be using the unit. The simplest tip is to always choose a credible supplier with a strong after sales service network. It will ensure that the owners never get into any issue at all.

Why experienced travelers use VPNs

In the 21st century, packing has faded into the background for those who prepare for a trip. Although it may sound funny, people now care way more about ‘tuning’ their mobile phones, tablets or any other devices to bring with them while traveling. The most common apps typically downloaded and used by users on the move are offline maps, travel guides, currency converters, translators and, of course, something for entertainment. Sadly, just a few would consider setting up a VPN or even try googling some useful info on the topic. In fact, not only it is vital to get aware of the need to use a VPN, it is also important to choose a solution that perfectly suits your needs. To do so, you have to monitor reliable online sources, preferably containing user feedbacks and detailed VPN service reviews like on AntaNET for example where access to the latest information on VPNs is provided, as well as objective ratings and professional recommendations.

We live in the era of limited privacy and cyberattacks that now happen in the airports alongside the other unpleasant incidents. Just remember how often you surf the Net while being on a train or simply connecting to a hotel Wi-Fi: checking your bank account balance, sending emails – a thousand chances to get attacked by cybercriminals! It is so easy to switch on your VPN every time you connect to a public network to stay safe! And what do you get in return?

All your financial transactions are secured. You can harmlessly go ahead and book accommodation with the credit card or do a money transfer from your saving account to the travel account. Of course, the connection can be slow sometimes, plus a VPN is likely to make it even slower, which may stop you from keeping to online safety measures. In such cases, it is strongly recommended to postpone important financial deals till the moment you access a secure connection. Also, do not forget to check the VPN connection status when Wi-Fi tends to drop.

What travelers truly love about VPNs is an opportunity to book cheap flights when prices differ from one location to another. As a rule, ticket prices are determined by an algorithm in which the location is one of the determining factors. Changing the IP-address via a VPN, you can literally choose your price – just select the server located in the “right” country.

Indeed, your location matters a lot! There are many countries where popular websites are blocked, which is why travelers often access a VPN first, when surfing the Internet in Thailand, Portugal or Vietnam. For example, there is no other way to watch Netflix than switch on your VPN. In addition, a VPN is a must-have for bloggers who can otherwise disappear for a few days without access to their own blogs:  a VPN will help bypass censorship set by many governments in the world (just remember the Great Firewall of China).

To choose a proper VPN that can be used during frequent trips, it is worth analyzing the following criteria:

  • Device compatibility: a good VPN service must match all the devices you have, independently of the operating system and the device type.
  • Speed: Mind that free VPNs usually cut the connection speed considerably.
  • Multi-connectivity: a good VPN allows connecting several devices at a time.
  • Installation: the easier, the better.
  • Territory coverage: the VPN should work in as many countries as possible.
  • Autoconnect feature: this is perfect when you tend to forget about protection measures – the feature can be configured to switch on automatically either for all networks or at least for unsecured ones.

Equipment Lifting: Trucks Parameters Explained

Truck lifting equipment parameters is a set of technical data characterizing the structural features of the machine. The article is prepared in collaboration with Granada Material Handling, a seasoned UK-based business specialized in cranes manufacturing, lifting equipment inspection and lifting equipment services.

So, the main parameters include boom length, radius and height of the cargo hook load capacity, load moment, the speed of lifting and lowering and rotating the rotary part of the crane.

Boom length is the distance (in meters) between the centers of the heel axis and the axis of the boom head blocks. Boom length and its angle on the inclination to the horizon defines teh reach and hook height.

Departure load hook – the distance (in meters) from the axis of rotation of the crane to the vertical axis passing through the center of gravity of the lifted load (bottom block). Free flight hook – the distance (in meters) from the edge of tipping to the vertical axis passing through the center of gravity of the lifted load.

Hook height – maximum height to which you can raise the hook above the platform on which the crane at the operating position of the boom.


Industrial Physics: The Might Of Ultrasound

Ultrasound is commonly acquired through mechanical, piezoelectric or magnetostrictive transducers. A simple example of mechanical oscillator is a well-known whistle. It sounds excited by the fact that the air jet is broken on the inside edge of the whistle cavity. Recurring vortices excite vibrations of the column of air which is in the cavity of the whistle. The dimensions of the cavity determine the natural frequency of the column of air, and hence the frequency of the emitted sound.

The smaller size of the cavity, the higher the sound. By reducing the size of the cavity, we can ensure that the whistle will start making sounds of high frequency – ultrasound. Sirens are based on another principle: the motor rotates the disk (rotor) with openings at the edges. The fixed disc (stator) also has holes somewhat smaller in diameter than a rotor indent. A jet of compressed air supplied to the siren, periodically interrupted by a rotating disk. As a result, the outlets of the fixed plate there are periodic air pressure change, generating a powerful ultrasound.

In electromechanical emitters ultrasound is produced as a result of transformation of an alternating electric current oscillations corresponding frequency mechanical vibrations of the radiator. Piezoelectric transducer apparatus based on piezoelectric effect. Crystals of a number of substances (quartz, tourmaline, barium titanate, and so on. D.) have a remarkable property. If one plate is cut in a certain way, then the compression or tension of such a plate on its surface electric charges will have positive and negative sides (thus forming piezoelectric effect, reversible by its nature). If the cover plate on both sides is made of the metal electrode (e.g., aluminum foil) and attached to the AC voltage source, the plate is alternately compressed, then stretched. These oscillations of the plate surface excite ultrasonic waves in the medium. Using piezoelectric transducers, it is possible to obtain a relatively small intensity of ultrasound.

Some ferromagnetic metals (nickel, iron, cobalt and others.) and their alloys have the property to expand or shrink under the influence of the magnetic field. This phenomenon is called magnetostriction, is used to obtain high-intensity ultrasound in a magnetostrictive radiator.

The simplest magnetostrictive transducer – is, for example, nickel rod inserted into the coil, which surface energises an alternating current, which results into emergence of alternating magnetic field in the stroke rod and its variations are periodically compressed or expanded, performing mechanical vibrations.

The industrial use

The incredible power of ultrasound is successfully applied in a wide array of industries – from large machinery assembling enterprises to medicine and air decontamination. The industrial enterprises oftentimes integrate ultrasound cleaning into their pipelines to speed up the processing procedures. The largest ultrasound-focused businesses, like UK-based Hilsonic, offer a comprehensive line-up of high-tech ultrasonic cleaners for a variety of purposes (despite the relatively high cost of the equipment, it almost inevitably pays for itself in the long run). (more…)